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Executive N.P. - Pain Solutions P.L.L.C

Quality Care From A Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Have you been suffering with chronic pain? Do you have chronic migraines? Do you have persistent muscle pain & spasms?

Executive N.P. - Pain Solutions has the answer for you!

Our board certified Nurse Practitioner can treat your pain with an individualized treatment plan. 

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Executive N.P. - Pain Solutions was founded in response to a much needed health service: pain management. Many people feel criminalized or labeled as "drug seeker" simply for asking their providers for pain medications. This becomes worse when your pain becomes chronic and the need for pain management is necessary.  This is unfortunately how prescribers are also labeled, and looked at closely for prescribing pain medication. 

With Executive N.P. - Pain Solutions, we do not label you or treat you like a criminal. We provide ethical and evidence-based treatment plans for your chronic pain. Pain is the 5th vital sign, and needs to be treated with as much care and understanding as any other vital sign.

It's important to understand that simply having chronic pain does not mean you "need" medication or that medication is right for you. We provide a range of resources and solutions for your chronic pain.

This is a low volume private practice, designed to provide you with more time to discuss your needs at each visit. 

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Demond M.

"5 stars" 

Mahir G.

"you are in good hands with John."

Molly C.

"I feel veryComfortable with the pain doctor. Very easy talk to and understand. They really help you feel comfortable and knowledgeable on my pain."

Laqundus B.

"Great NP, and educator. Him and his staff are a welcoming group."

Mark M.

"I highly recommend Johnathan Furzland, Executive Pain. Through his care, I have been able to dunction better. I had suffered from extreme pain for years... I am very greatful for his care and supervision with it. He helped reduce my pain, get restful sleep so i finally am able to live a better, more productive life."

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Phone: 952-417-6865

Fax: 612-428-4216

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