How We "Manage" Your Pain

There are many groups that provide pain management. It is hard to tell how each group does and how they "manage" chronic pain. Below will help you understand how we practice and what "pain management" means to us.

Our Philosophy For Managing Chronic Pain.

Our philosophy to chronic pain management is a simple one. We are your central hub for pain management. We will do your initial assessment and work together to set up realistic functional goals for your condition. We will then see you monthly for follow up visits to ensure we are on the right track for success. We will also make the appropriate referrals for other services, such as, pain injections, physical therapy, chiropractic care, or any other services that you may require. The benefit to this is; all of your care is under one roof and we will have all the information needed to provide the best care. We will also receive updates from our referral network, so we are always up to date with your progress.  We will also work with your current primary care provider to outline the best treatment plan for you. 

Our ethical approach to managing your pain. 

We closely follow the MN department of health guidelines (MDH) and  the Center for disease control (CDC) guidelines.

It needs to be clearly understood that these are in fact "guideline" to help providers navigate the difficulties with treating chronic pain and reduce potential harm death from opioids misuse/abuse. They are NOT laws, statues or rules set to restrict providers from practicing appropriate and ethical care. This very simple fact seems to be lost on many people, especially and unfortunately the pharmacy system. Many pharmacists seem to misunderstand and misinterpret these guidelines whether intentional for personal reasons or unintentionally. Below are links to the various guidelines that we look at to help guide our practice successfully.